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Quick and Easy Steps to Bad Credit Loans

When you’re in the market for a fast loan but your credit is bad, you might not realize how easy it is to get help finding a lender. When you complete and fill out the quick online request form and send it to us, we will use our resources to help you. You’ll be surprised at how quick and efficient online bad credit loans can be.

Take a Minute to Begin

It literally only takes a few minutes to fill out the inquiry form on our website. Send it to us at United Bad Credit Loans any time so we can help.


Always Here for You

You can access the form on our site whenever you’re ready, whether it’s the wee hours of the morning or at night when the house is quiet. We will reach out to lenders on your behalf as quickly as possible.


Couldn’t Be Easier

We like to keep things simple. You shouldn’t have to spend a bunch of time asking for our help in finding a lender, so we kept the online form you need to complete short and sweet.


Grab Your Cash

After you sign the contract for a quick bad credit loan from your lender, you’ll be pleased at how quickly the money can be ready. Get your cash and use it wisely, on anything you need.


Why Select United Bad Credit Loans?

Fast and Dependable

As soon as we get your information regarding a bad credit loan, we’ll be glad to get that sent right out. We have a list of a lot of lenders who are looking for people who need loans. Let one of them help you!

No Charge for Our Service

We don’t charge anything for our help in locating a lender for a fast bad credit loan. We have a list of lenders who might be able to help you, and we hope we can connect you with one of them.

Always Happy to Help

Our friendly staff is dedicated to serve you as quickly as possible. Feel free to use our website any time to send us your completed online inquiry form. Helping you find a lender is our goal!

Easy Steps to Cash

After we send out your request for an online loan with lenders, you could get an offer to sign from one of them. You aren’t obligated to sign anything, so take your time to understand all the terms. After signing it, you will get your cash in no time at all.

It’s really easy to submit our online request form through our website. Fill out the form and submit it today so we can get started on your quick online loan inquiry.

About Us

We hope to hear from you soon!

You might remember the days when it used to be complicated and time-consuming to get a bad credit loan. With the service we offer you at United Bad Credit Loans, the loan process is easier than ever. First of all, you can take care of the online process from anywhere that you have a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet with an internet connection. You send the completed form to us and we will take it from there! We have an extensive list of reliable lenders that we will share your request with. They are online lenders who are willing to accept inquiry forms from consumers with a bad credit status.

After a quick credit review, you might get an online offer from a lender. While you don’t have to sign it unless you want to, the lender will prepare your cash loan if you sign. It’s all up to you. And better yet? When you get the speedy loan, you can use it for whatever you need. There are no rules about how you should spend the money – it’s all yours!

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