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If you have more questions about how our quick online service works, read through these questions:

How do I know if I have a bad credit rating?

Credit scores are evaluated through a system called FICO. The system runs some of your financial details through its algorithms to come up with a credit score. Some of those details include how you have managed debts and payments in the past and how much money you currently owe. The industry standard for a bad credit rating is anything under 620.

Who cares so much about the credit score? Why is it important?

If you want to get a loan today, your lender wants to make sure you’re going to pay it back. The best way they can ascertain your willingness to pay is by looking back at your payment history. If you have a low credit score, it probably means that you didn’t make your payments on time or you missed payments altogether. Obviously, this adds to the lender’s risk when preparing a loan for you today. When setting the terms, the lender would have to take the risk into account. The better your credit score is, the more favorable loan terms you will get.

I’m better off now – is there a way that I can fix my poor credit score?

Sure – it will take some time and work but it’s possible to repair a person’s bad credit score. If you were without enough work for a period of time or you had too many bills to cover, did you still send in your payments on time? Did you miss any payments or stop paying on debts? If so, your credit rating suffered. To improve your credit rating, make it a habit to always send in your payments on time. Don’t let debts go unpaid. In addition, if you owe a lot of money right now, try to get that paid down as quickly as possible. By proving a good payment status now and lessening your debt, you can repair your credit status.

I know I have a bad credit history, but will I still be able to get a loan today?

At United Bad Credit Loans, we work with a number of lenders who want to help bad credit consumers. When you submit your request to us, we forward your personal details to this group of lenders. They will review your current request while checking your credit history. If you have a financially stable situation now, one of the lenders might reach out to you with pre-approval and a loan offer. When you receive the lender’s offer, you can determine if it’s the loan you want and then you can sign it. Once the lender receives your signed loan agreement, the funds will quickly be prepared for you to pick up. When they are ready, your lender will give you collection details and a payment schedule.

Is there someone who is willing to help a person who has bad credit?

There are financial organizations and professionals that you can turn to for help with improving your bad credit score. To find a person who you feel comfortable sharing your personal details with, ask friends, colleagues and neighbors for recommendations. When you have some names of people or organizations, go online and check out their reviews. After selecting someone who can help you, follow up with their advice and learn how to handle your finances in the future.

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