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How It Works

If you think you’re the only one with a bad credit status, think again! It’s all too common in these difficult times to run out of money before all your bills are paid, have unexpected medical expenses or repairs to your home that have been put off for too long. You could have an exciting family event to plan or even a necessary trip back home to visit the folks. It doesn’t matter to us why you have a bad credit status or what you need money for. We’re here to help you find a lender who can help. Yes, even with a bad credit status there are lenders who will take the extra step to help consumers just like yourself.

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Get a Bad Credit Loan

  • Go to our website and fill in the online inquiry form and submit it to us. This can be done anytime you have a few extra minutes.
  • We’ll send out your request to our list of reputable lenders. If one of them sends you an offer for a bad credit loan, you can sign it or not – as you see fit.
  • If you choose to continue with the lender and sign the offer, the lender will complete the online process and prepare your quick loan.
  • When the loan is complete and the cash is ready, the lender will share the collection details with you. Spend the money to cover whatever urgent financial needs that are waiting.

Our Service

Since our loan referral service is free, why not take advantage of us today! We will bend over backwards to help you find a lender by forwarding your inquiry to several trusted lenders.

Our Lenders Welcome Various Credit Types

No matter what your credit score is, we welcome you to send in your inquiry form.

Fast Inquiry System

We streamlined the request form on our website so you won’t get stuck filling it out. It’s short, so it goes very quickly.

Online All the Time

Our website is available to you literally all the time. When you need money but you have a bad credit history, fill in the request form and send it to us.

Bad Credit Score? Don’t Worry!

We know that good people can sometimes get stuck with bad credit scores. It happens. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road for you – no, not at all! Even If you have a bad credit score it is still possible to find a lender who is willing to help you out with a quick loan. Let us help you find one of those lenders by sending us your contact details on the online request form.

We will be glad to spread your loan request around to many lenders who are reputable. The group of lenders will look over your request and give a quick approval if one of them can help you. You can expect to get a prompt loan offer from any lender who accepts your request. Just remember, that even if you send us your request form, you’re not under obligation at all to work with one of the lenders. If you receive an offer and choose to accept it, then all you need to do is sign it and return it. From there on out, you will work directly with that lender until your money is ready.

Sounds good? We’re eager to help you on your quest for a trusted lender – let us hear from you soon!

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